MIDDLEBY 47797 Replacement PS200 Gear Drive Motor 27384-0011

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This gear drive motor is made in the USA and replaces Middleby part numbers 47797, 46604 and 27384-0011. We solved the common issue with stripped gears (motor runs but drive shaft does not turn) with our larger gear box design.
In 2005, MIDDLEBY changed to this style motor which is more efficient, has a larger gear box, and has the speed sensor included in the silver cap. This motor runs cooler and last longer compared to the SCR rated motor being sold elsewhere. If you are replacing this motor, you will need to purchase the conveyor control pick-up speed sensor kit (sold separately) as it is used in conjunction with this motor.

Horsepower: 0.067
Amps: .27
Ratio: 1350:1

Middleby 27384-0011 gear drive motor works on the following pizza ovens:
PS200 - Conveyor Oven
PS200-R68 - Oven, Gas And Electric
PS200VL - Gas Oven
PS220 - Gas & Electric Oven
PS220FS - Conveyor Oven
PS220-R68 - Oven, Gas And Electric
PS220VL - Gas Oven
PS224 - Conveyor Oven
PS224-R68 - Oven, Gas And Electric
PS224VL - Gas Oven